Trapping Only: the bandaid effect

Here at Wildlife X Team- Midsouth we strive to do what is best for our customer’s needs whether it is trapping or a complete seal up with attic restoration, either way the choice is entirely up to you. We encourage and highly recommend the “works” on your home to solve your problems, not just trapping and here’s why.

You are probably thinking that it is really expensive and it would be a big sale, no brainer that a business would try to push that as much as any other company dealing with sales (we would be lying if we said we didn’t like big sales), but it is so much more than that. To us, a full seal up and attic restoration (if needed) is a complete fix whereas if we came out there, set the traps, and removed the nuisance wildlife it would be like putting a bandage on a broken arm. The bandage initially may help hold everything in place, but it doesn’t actually fix the broken bone, you would need surgery. The same logic applies to wildlife in your home.

Wildlife does not wait for you to host a dinner party and a warm welcome to make themselves at home in your attic. They will find any gaps or weak points to access your home, some will even pull shingles back and chew their way in. That may be the only damage to your home or it could be just the beginning. In many cases we find that the only damages done are on the exterior of the home where they have chewed through but that may not be their only entry point. Gaps around the roofline and some vents are some popular access points for squirrels, raccoons, and roof rats.

When someone calls us with their problem it always starts out with, “I have an animal (squirrel, raccoon, rats, etc) in my attic, can y’all remove it and how much will that be?” Occasionally they say that whatever is up there is just having parties through the night, I’m guessing the critters did not get the memo about noise violations after midnight. We offer our trapping services and the different traps that we could use. Part of setting traps is being able to check them as well, that is where we will need to be in contact with you quite a bit until the problem is solved. By trapping, you eliminate the immediate complaint, the awful scratching noise in the middle of the night.

Removing the wildlife is just the first step in taking care of the problem. Once the animal is removed, chances are the new squirrel on the block is going to see the vacancy sign on your attic and move in. It may be days later that a new critter gets into your home or even months later, or if your lucky none may enter your attic. That is why it is more or less a band-aid to the bigger issue at hand. Once the critters and traps are removed (band-aid gone) it leaves the home vulnerable. The real problem is all the gaps and holes and damages done to the house that need to be repaired (the broken arm that needs surgery).

After our inspectors go through the attic, across the roof, and around the perimeter of the house they will give you a written estimate on what it will take to make your home wildlife free in the future. Exclusionary methods and repairing damages are key to really solve the problem. We have our own team of carpenters who can make those repairs, you don’t need to hire a contractor. Our team of carpenters are the surgeons to your home. They will know exactly what needs to be done, when, and use animal resistant materials. A bonus is that the repairs can begin within a few days of signing the contract. Once our repairmen are finished with your home, their work is guaranteed for one year at the point of entry. Additional warranties may be available if all recommended repairs are made and all other recommendations are followed.