Roof Rat Control

Wildlife X Team provides roof rat control services throughout Memphis and the Mid-South.  Roof rat control services include trapping, exclusion and repair.

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About Roof Rats

Roof rat control Wildlife X TeamRoof rats are blackish or brownish medium-sized, slender rats. They have long, naked, scaly tails that are usually longer than the head and body combined.

Rats live in close proximity to humans. They usually make their nests in attics, rafters, and crossbeams in buildings, under or along pipes, beams or wires, up and down the studs, or along the horizontal ceiling joists. They often leave a dark-colored layer of grease and dirt to mark their travel ways. The roof rat is nocturnal; you only see them in the daylight if populations if their populations are very high. In the southern United States, roof rats are very common.

Roof rats eat grains, meats, and almost any item that has nutritional value. They breed throughout the year, with two peaks of production in February and March and again in May and June. The period of least activity is in July and August. The gestation period of the roof rat is approximately 21 days, and the number of young per litter averages around seven. The young rats at birth are naked, blind, and nearly helpless.

The roof rat is destructive to property and food items. It also easily transmits human diseases.

As the seasons change, it is not unusual to notice signs of small rodents like rats and mice in your home or office. These animals look for a place to live and eat and the perfect place might be your home or office. Memphis rat removal from Wildlife X Team – Memphis is best implemented by our professionals, who can protect your space from the following potentially harmful health hazards:

Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Rat Bite Fever, Hanta Virus , Allergens Brought inside from Outdoors, Disease Transmission to Household Pets

Eliminating rodents from your home with rat and mouse removal is necessary to make your space healthier. We have assisted numerous clients from the communities of Memphis, Millington, Cordova, Germantown, Arlington, Lakeland, Oakland, Bartlett, Oakland, Sommerville, and Collierville, Tennessee and Olive Branch, Southhaven and Horn Lake, Mississippi.

Mouse & Rat Damage in the Mid-South Can Be Costly

Unfortunately, rats and mice are known for chewing and burrowing in walls, insulation, flooring, and even wiring. Our humane rat traps can get rid of these pests once and for all. Inefficient insulation can increase your energy bill, chewed wiring is a fire hazard, and weakened siding can expose your family to the elements. These prolific breeders can leave a homeowner with a rodent control issue very quickly. Humane rat traps allow us to catch and take care of mouse removal in a humane way. Before incurring costly damage caused by rodents, set up your service with Wildlife X Team – Memphis for mouse or rat removal in your home or office.

Wildlife X Team is your best source for roof rat control and other humane nuisance wildlife services in Memphis and the Mid-South.  

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Image: US Centers for Disease Control.