Love is in the air, or is that just Pepe Le Pew

February is known as the month of love, even in Pepé’s world. Unlike humans, animals (especially mammals) tend to have seasons or specific times of the year for their species breed. Without research one can typically tell by the amount of increased activity of these Skunkanimals that are normally solitary and by the increased amount of roadkill.

For skunks, their breeding season begins in February and runs through the Spring. You typically don’t see much from them since they aren’t a very social species, but of course all that goes out the window when love is in the air. Because of this their activity increases and you see more of them and not always by themselves, unfortunately it means an increase in roadkill. They have limited eyesight which is why they end up not making it across the road, they can’t see a vehicle coming until it’s too late in many cases.

The successful Pepés may end up living closer to you than you would expect or want, some think that the crawl space to your house would be the perfect area to get out of the elements and raise their litter once born. Can you blame them?

One of the main complaints from homeowners about having new tenants is their stench. Not only if they spray pets or people does the smell linger in your home, but if they spray under you home the smell is there for a while too. Skunks have a chemical defense mechanism associated with their glands, when they feel in danger they release that stench to deter the animal or human who got too close.

That stench is pretty hard to get rid of too.
There are several wives’ tales on how to remove the awful stench. The first thing that comes to mind is “my granny said tomato juice will get rid of the smell, get in the tub!” How true is that though. With some research it looks like tomato juice may not be the best way to rid the odor. An article online from The Spruce says that a homemade recipe is the most effective.

The 100% way to get rid of the skunk smell is to not get sprayed in the first place. Instead of trying to get rid of the skunk by being cautious and trying to shew it away yourself, let the professionals handle it. We can trap and relocate each skunk and that way you aren’t at risk of getting sprayed. We can also fix up your crawl space so that the next Pepé doesn’t move in.

If Pepé le Pew is under your home or if you want to make sure he can’t just give us a call or schedule service now.