Humane Nuisance Wildlife Control Services

for Memphis and the Mid-South

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Raccoon Removal

Wildlife X Team is your best choice for nuisance wildlife control in Memphis and the Mid-South.
Available nuisance wildlife control services include:

armadillo control | beaver control | feral cat control | feral hog control | fox control | mole control | raccoon control | roof rat control | snake control | squirrel control

Our services include repairs, prevention and control.  Specific services include: bird guards, weep hole covers, chimney caps, turbines, solar vents, gutter guards, foundation vents, weather stripping, louvre vents, roof vent guards, insulation, rat walls, attic tents, repairs & exclusion, reducing conducive conditions, trimming trees off of structures, debris & junk removal, attic restoration & clean-up, trapping removal & relocation services and dead animal removal

Our repair services include a one-year guarantee. We are both licensed and insured.  We offer a free 25-point nuisance wildlife inspection of your home. Schedule an inspection now.

We are committed to the humane treatment of animals.  Whenever possible, our services include live trapping and releasing the animals in a remote area. We do not normally use toxic chemicals in connection with our wildlife control services.

Contact us about any other nuisance wildlife  services you may need.

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